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Video: How to Validate Task Assignments

By Pekka Korpi

December 5, 2023
How to Validate Task Assignments

Some tasks like problem or change management tickets can have a long lifecycle. A fairly common problem we see is that people assigned to tasks with long lifecycles sometimes leave the company or change roles before the task is completed. 

Clearly,  this can be a big problem since these tasks can then fall between the cracks. So, how do you identify these problematic tasks so that they don’t go unattended?

That’s what we are going to show you in our video below. This is, again, a simple use case for Data Content Manager. If you’re already using DCM for CSDM alignment or other data quality initiatives, this simple use case can help you get even more value from our tool. 

In This Video

  • We will draw a Blueprint that will find tasks where the owner is not valid, i.e. they are no longer active or they don’t have the necessary role assignments.
  • We will then run an instant audit with the Blueprint to find the problem tasks and analyze the results

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