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Video: How to Improve Foundation Data in ServiceNow and CSDM

By Pekka Korpi

May 2, 2023
Improve Foundation Data

In this video, Pekka Korpi, CEO of Qualdatrix, and Mikko Juola, Product Owner of Data Content Manager, discuss the importance of Foundation data in ServiceNow and how it can be improved using Data Content Manager.

Foundation Data in ServiceNow refers to the critical reference data that forms the basis for various processes and workflows within the platform. It includes essential background data such as users, groups, locations, and company structures. This data is shared between different processes, workflows, and configuration items, providing a common set of data elements that are integral to the functioning of ServiceNow.

In the context of the Common Service Data Model (CSDM), Foundation Data is considered one of the domains, representing the fundamental reference data supporting other platform aspects. Therefore, ensuring accurate and up-to-date Foundation Data is crucial for maintaining data quality, consistency, and efficient operation of ServiceNow processes and workflows.

In This Video

In this video, Mikko and Pekka discuss:


  • What is Foundation Data in ServiceNow
  • How Foundation Data relates to CSDM.
  • Real-life examples of Foundation Data.
  • How to use Data Content Manager to maintain and improve the quality of Foundation Data.

Learn More

To learn more about how to improve Foundation Data in your ServiceNow:

Data Content Manager adds capabilities to design and enforce data models in the platform natively. It goes beyond out-of-the-box tools and helps you accelerate your CSDM journey and improve the quality of your CMDB without scripting, additional reports, or customizations.

Organizations can use Data Content Manager to improve their overall data quality, align with CSDM or improve specific areas, such as Foundation Data. In the end, good data quality is needed to maximize the return on investment from the platform.

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