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Video: How to Design a DCM Blueprint

By Pekka Korpi

January 3, 2024

About DCM Blueprints

All the auditing capabilities and reporting that Data Content Manager provides are based on Blueprints. They are visual representations of data models you want to follow or enforce in your ServiceNow. Typical examples would be Blueprints around the CSDM, which allow you to start your CSDM alignment efforts quickly or accelerate progress.

While CSDM is undoubtedly one of the prime use cases for DCM, you can create Blueprints for any data in your platform.

We provide best practice templates for the CSDM that you can tweak to your specific requirements. You can use any tables from your ServiceNow instance. You can remove classes that are not needed in your data model or add relations that are.

For example, in a CSDM template for Business Applications, you could remove the SDLC component if you are not using it and add a requirement that each Business Application should be linked to a Business Unit. Then, add attribute-level requirements and filters, if needed.

Regardless of the use case, it only takes as little as a few minutes to design a Blueprint either from a template or from scratch.

In this video, we will show you how.

DCM Blueprints in Action

Here are a few selected examples of using DCM Blueprints in real life. All the examples are based on real-world usage and applicable to any ServiceNow instance – including yours. Moreover, you can try any of these examples with a DCM Guided Trial!

Please get in touch to learn more about getting a Free Guided Trial!

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