Root Cause & Impact Analysis in ServiceNow is essential, but it is sometimes not clear what you need to have in place to do it. This is especially true for Application Services since they are not self-evident for many ServiceNow users.

Ensuring your Application Services are ready for Root Cause Analysis is a quick and easy use case for DCM. In this short video, we will show you how. 

In This Video

  • A quick review of at what Application Services are according to the CSDM
  • Challenges with Root Cause & Impact Analysis
  • How to use DCM to make sure your data supports the analysis

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Data Content Manager adds capabilities to design and enforce data models in the platform natively. It goes beyond out-of-the-box tools and helps you accelerate your CSDM journey and improve the quality of your CMDB without scripting, additional reports, or customizations.

Organizations can use Data Content Manager to improve their overall data quality, align with CSDM or improve specific areas, such as Foundation Data. In the end, good data quality is needed to maximize the return on investment from the platform.