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We are committed to making your experience with Data Content Manager a success! If you have any questions or concerns, you are always welcome to get in touch with our Support Team at However, we encourage you to check out our online resources first:

  1. See if your question is answered in the Frequently Asked Questions section below.
  2. Take a look at our instructional Webinars and Videos.
  3. Read through our Blog Articles.
  4. If you’re already a DCM user, or are on the Free Trial, our Wiki-page contains detailed instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Related to the Free Trial

I need assistance with my Trial. What can I expect?

We will get in touch with you and work with you personally to help you get started with your Trial.

What happens when I get the Free Trial from the ServiceNow Store?

You will be able to instantly download DCM and use it in your non-production ServiceNow instance. We will send you a series of emails to help you along during the Trial. We also provide plenty of online resources to help you along.

Please note that in the ServiceNow Store, to get the Free Trial you need to click on the "Try" button, not "Request App".

Do I have to be a ServiceNow customer to get a Free Trial?

Yes. Data Content Manager is an add-on to ServiceNow that runs in the ServiceNow environment. It cannot be used outside ServiceNow.

Can I run the DCM Trial in a Personal Developer Instance?
Yes. We do need to set up entitlements for doing that separately, but it is not a problem. The only limitation with the trial is that you cannot run it in a production instance.
I'm not our ServiceNow administrator but I still would like a Free Trial!

Please book a 1-hour Demo session with us. We will go through the product with you in detail and we can discuss what is needed to experience a full trial.

Do I commit to a purchase if I request the Trial?

No. The Trial is free for one month and there are no strings attached. We are confident that once you experience the benefits of DCM, you will want to continue. But if you do not, you simply stop using the product.

Can I get the Free Trial into an on-premise instance?

Yes! On-premise installation requires that your instance is connected to ServiceNow Store or you download the app in a zip file. Read more about installing on-premise apps from the ServiceNow Store FAQ.

About the Product

What are Blueprints?

Blueprints in Data Content Manager are visual representations of Data Models which you create with the tool, or import from one of our free Content Packs. They are fully editable with visual tools and are the basis for running Audits.

How is Data Content Manager different from Visio or Gliffy?

MS Visio, Gliffy, and many other data modelling solutions have excellent capabilities for data diagramming, but they all lack actionable functionalities to plan, create, validate and update the actual business data in the database.

Data Content Manager is a self-contained visual tool that covers the entire data management process seamlessly and end-to-end, from data diagrams planning to data audits & validation.?

What?s the difference between Discovery and Data Content Manager?

Discovery essentially acts as a data source for DCM. It is not needed to run DCM but if it is available, it complements DCM.

What is the difference between DCM versus Service Mapping and Discovery?

ServiceMapping and Discovery are basically data sources for the CMDB. Data Content Manager is used to ensure that agreed data models are being followed.

Often ServiceMapping and Discovery are used together with DCM. DCM will make sure that discovery data is properly related to manually maintained data like responsible persons, groups and other ?foundation data?, as well as logical CI classes like Business Applications, Services and Service Offerings.

Licenses & Commercial

There's a monthly price but annual subscription. Which is it?

Data Content Manager is sold as an annual subscription. The fee for a one-year subscription is invoiced at one time and the subscription is renewed annually. If you do not wish to continue, you can end your subscription at that time.

Is there no "pay-as-you-go" subscription?

Unfortunately, the ServiceNow Store does not support a pay-as-you-go subscription model. Since Data Content Manager runs on ServiceNow, we cannot offer this model either.

To make sure that you know what you get before committing to a purchase, we offer a no strings attached, Free Trial.

The license is based on Blueprints. Please explain.

In Data Content Manager, a Blueprint is a visual representation of a Data Model, or a part of a Data Model.?


I'm a Managed Service Provider with many ServiceNow instances.

If you’re a Managed Service Provider, please get in touch with us for custom-pricing.

I'm not sure what License I need

Typically we recommend staring wioth the Professional License that covers 15 Blueprints. That’s plenty to get started in a single instance. Once you need more than 15 Blueprints, you can subscribe to another Professional license for a total of 30 Blueprints.

Once you need more that 30 Blueprints, it makes sense to get the Unlimited License.

I have multiple instances.

A license is limited to a single ServiceNow instance. If you run multiple instances, you need a separate license for each instance. We recommend you get in touch with us for custom-pricing.

I'm a consultant and I think DCM would be great for my customer!

Great! Please get in touch with us to discuss? opportunities for partnersing with us!

Environment / ServiceNow Related

Can I run DCM on an on-premise instance?

Yes. In order to obtain apps from the ServiceNow Store the

What are the System Requirements?

Responsive dashboards need to be enabled for the DCM dashboards to work properly. However, the application can be installed and used without the dashboards.

No additional ServiceNow licenses are needed.

Do I need additional licenses for ServiceNow?

No additional licenses are needed.

Do we need ServiceNow ServiceMapping or Discovery?

No. DCM does not require Discovery or Mapping. Both of these and DCM complement each other but are not a requirement.