Data Content Manager

Data Content Manager is a tool to design Data Models, Audit real data against them and create remediation actions to fix deviations. It is a visual and intuitive end-to-end solution for improving and maintaining data quality in ServiceNow instances.

ServiceNow Certified App

DCM works live within ServiceNow taking away the need to design data models with draw-only tools such as Visio, Gliffy or ArchiMate. This separation of design and real-life data traditionally leads to expensive one-off data quality projects when things get bad enough.

The integrated approach of the Data Content Manager makes it possible to Audit data and Data Models as a continuous, Systematic Process, fixing deviations along the way. It also makes it possible to get tangible metrics about data quality in real time.

The tool significantly reduces the efforts needed for data quality management and compliance, improves communication between stakeholders in the service production value chain and improves the ROI of the ServiceNow platform.

Typical Use Cases:

  • CMDB and Common Service Data Model implementation
  • Asset Management
  • Service Portfolio Management
  • Incident and Change Management
  • Master Data Management and Foundation Data
  • Data Compliance and Reporting

DCM Blueprint Designer

Blueprint Designer is used to create and maintain actionable data model diagrams on ServiceNow. Typical users of this key feature include information architects, service and process owners and system administrators.

You can Drag & drop any ServiceNow tables into your visual data model diagrams and relate tables to each other using ServiceNow’s own dictionary. 

Your Blueprints can meet the requirements of complex data models by adding filtrs, conditions and duplicate checking.

DCM Content Planner

DCM Content Planner is used for data content planning and population based on selected blueprints. It helps people responsible for the data to maintain records and links according to blueprint with a simple, visual interface.

 Data is maintained on top of DCM Blueprints, making sure you are following an agreed data model. You can create new records and relationships as well as update existing ones. 

Changes to multiple records are made in a DCM Safety Zone and changes can be previewed before committing to production.

DCM Audit

DCM Audit Results

With DCM Audit you can run blueprint compliancy audits against actual data in your ServiceNow instance. ​​DCM Audit reports compliancy of your data against DCM Blueprints and helps you to identify any deviations & fix the data issues.

DCM Audit will perform automated data analysis and produce detailed audit reports and dashboards.

Audits can be scheduled to run automatically at set intervals, making it possible to turn your data management efforts into a continuous, systematic process.

DCM Workspace

DCM Workspace Dashboard

DCM Workspace is used to create, work and report on DCM tasks that are created based on data deviations found by the DCM Audit.​ ​Tasks are created and assigned automatically based on task configurations and matching audit results.

Tasks are created based on Unique Audit Messages to avoid reporting the same issue multiple times. Dashboards can be created for general overviews as well as for personal use.

DCM Workspace helps you maintain a clear view of your data management process. 




Pricing & Licenses

Licenses are for single organizations. If you are a Managed Service Provider, please get in touch with us for pricing.

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