“The Practical Data Model for CMDB (PDMC) is a common information model for IT service management CMDB solutions created by Justin Group Oy. The first public version of the PDMC was published in December 2019 under a creative commons license.”
Justin Group Oy

The original version of the PDMC reference model is vendor-agnostic and not made for any particular ITSM or CMDB tool. Now these best practice data models have been translated into ServiceNow world and published as an add-on to Data Content Manager (DCM) application.

Idea of this content packs is to provide an easy and fast way to get started with CMDB data modelling and managing your CI data in a planned and controlled manner.

More information about the PDMC can be found at justin.fi/pdmc.

If you have any questions or comments about this model or using DCM to enforce any planned data models in your organization, please contact me or leave a comment below.
Mikko Juola

Mikko Juola

Chief Product Officer at Qualdatrix


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