(Bodenheim Germany, Espoo Finland, January 2021)

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The internationally active management consultancy iTSM Group has joined forces in a partnership with the Finland based software company Qualdatrix. Both companies are ServiceNow partners helping ServiceNow customers to digitalize their core activities.

Qualdatrix provides a ServiceNow certified, Built on Now application called Data Content Manager that enables customers to achieve maximum success on their ServiceNow journey through improved quality of data. Be it IT, Customer Service, Human Resources or others, the common denominator is always data. Applications can only be used to their full potential, and customers can only achieve success if the underlying data is up-to-date and reliable. This unique but key challenge is exactly what Data Content Manager solves. It ensures that data in the ServiceNow platform is compliant with agreed data models.

From the other side of the partnership iTSM Group masters all organizational, processual as well as technological aspects of a successful digitization journey with ServiceNow. iTSM group works with customers on strategic and operational levels to achieve their goals through a customer journey-oriented strategy. Bundling the years of experience in transforming service organizations together with Data Content Manager from Qualdatrix ensures a customer journey can be executed with great success, supported by reliable and trustworthy data. This enables new business models, new strategies and can carry the customer into the future.

iTSM group – “We all know that data and the value of data is the new oil for companies and their customers, especially in companies that are in a digitalization journey. Not just digitalization of what they currently do, but a totally new, different business model. In order to support the digitalization strategies for our customers we need to ensure that their missions are supported by clean and reliable data.”

Qualdatrix – “We have seen first-hand the expensive struggles companies, regardless of industry, go through when their planned Data Models and reality do not match. Time as well as money are lost when business processes do not function as intended due to bad data. People spend time filling in data gaps that should already have been filled in the platform. We created DCM to address this very problem in a visual manner: to design, audit and enforce data models right on the platform. We are proud to join forces with iTSM Group, a company respected all over Europe.”

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