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How to Improve Foundation Data with Data Content Manager

Foundation Data in ServiceNow includes essential background data such as users, groups, locations, and company structures. It is shared between processes, workflows, and configuration items.

Foundation Data provides a common set of data elements integral to the performance of your ServiceNow. Poor quality of the data will negatively impact the processes and workflows you run on the platform.

Data Content Manager can help you quickly find and fix problem areas in your Foundation Data and any other data in your ServiceNow.


Danske Bank
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With CSDM providing a prescriptive data model and DCM providing a view of our data in a consumable manner, we are able to drive the necessary changes across the bank in a non-obtrusive way which is seen to add value to our business, not be viewed as an operational overhead. Read More…

Craig Alexander

SVP, Business Services & Service Governance, Danske Bank

Data Content Manager  offers much more sophisticated data model definitions than you can get with native CMDB data quality metrics. It also comes with its own audit and remediation features which make data maintenance easier. Highly recommended!

Lotta Jouhtimäki

Product Owner, ServiceNow, Posti Group

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Foundation Data

In this video, Pekka Korpi, CEO of Qualdatrix, and Mikko Juola, Product Owner of Data Content Manager, take a deep dive into the importance of Foundation data in ServiceNow and how it can be improved using Data Content Manager.

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We've seen organizations struggle over the same things with CSDM alignment over and over. Based on our experiences, we wrote CSDM - The Recipe for Success. It gives you hands-on guidance on some of the most important things you need to address on your CSDM Journey, regardless of your maturity level:

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How to Improve Foundation Data with Examples

In this article, I will show you a simple data model for user data and give examples of different use cases that could fail due to issues in foundation data. I will also tell you what you can do to prevent such issues.

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