The HappySignals  IT Experience Podcast:

How Data Quality in ServiceNow impacts IT Experience

With Pasi Nikkanen and Mikko Juola

Length: 15 minutes

Often operational data in ServiceNow is missing or is of bad quality, and it’s difficult to use all the tools available to make decisions when you cannot trust the data. If you don’t know anything about your end-users, it is challenging to create amazing service experiences, automate services or allow agents to solve issues quickly.

The IT Experience Podcast by HappySignals is for those who want to take IT Experience Management (ITXM) Framework™ in use and improve the Employee Experience of IT Services in large enterprises. The podcast talks about human-centric IT and how it changes the culture of IT Departments from SLAs to Experience Metrics and XLAs.

In this podcast episode, Chief Growth Officer Pasi Nikkanen from HappySignals and Mikko Juola, the Chief Product Officer for Data Content Manager, talk about these common challenges and how to address them with better data quality.

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