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Engage Your Data Providers with DCM Data Quality Workspace

By Pekka Korpi

May 21, 2024
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One of our customers’ most common challenges is getting their Data Providers involved in data quality efforts. Often, CMDB and other teams struggle with the misconception that they must handle all the work and have complete knowledge of every detail. This should not be the case.

We believe the Consumer-Owner-Provider model is an excellent framework for understanding how responsibilities should be divided. Typically, the CMDB team or a member of it acts as the Owner. However, they should NOT be the ones maintaining data for all the details.

Herein lies the problem: Data Providers are usually part of the business, not the CMDB team. They often neither understand nor care about data models. Yet, they are expected to maintain the data for their Business Applications and Services.

How do you get them involved when they might not even know what ServiceNow is, let alone how to configure CI-Relations?

Introducing the DCM Data Quality Workspace

The solution is the DCM Data Quality Workspace, an add-on to Data Content Manager. It simplifies the underlying complexity related to data models. Each Data Provider gets a personal Data Quality Workspace where they can review data quality issues specific to them. They don’t need to worry about other people’s problems.

Using the DCM Data Quality Workspace is straightforward. Whether Data Providers need to add a Business Unit or create a CI relation, they can simply point and click on the issue to fix it. There’s no need for them to understand the underlying data model or navigate complex forms to update their data.

Even better, when Data Providers resolve their data quality issues, their personal data quality scores improve immediately. This score is unique to them and directly reflects their actions. It can be used to set clear data quality targets and even gamify the process of improving data quality. With personalization, the results can potentially be remarkable.

Take Control

Data Content Manager helps improve data quality in your ServiceNow environment. It works on any data, as long as it’s in ServiceNow. It’s very simple to achieve results:

  1. Draw a Blueprint to define your desired data model based on specific use cases.
  2. Run an audit of your real data against that Blueprint.
  3. Fix the deviations found using the Data Content Planner or distribute the load using the DCM Data Quality Workspace.
  4. Automate your data quality management by scheduling regular audits.

By following these four steps, you can ensure an accurate view of your data quality and have the tools to fix deviations as they occur. Say goodbye to annual data quality improvement projects and tackle data problems before they become expensive issues.

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