We released the 5.2 version of Data Content Manager in April 2022. It is a minor release with lots of small enhancements to Blueprint Designer and improvements to audit logic.

Here’s a list of new features and enhancements also presented in the video below:

  • Blueprint Export
  • Improved Advanced Links Setup
  • New Target Record Conditions
  • Renaming Blueprint Elements
  • More Complete and Dynamic Field Setups

There are also multiple smaller enhancements and bug fixes that you can find listed below in the full release notes.

Please take a look at the quick summary video we created to walk through the updates!

Release Summary Video

DCM 5.2 Release Notes

New Features

Blueprint Designer
Blueprint Designer
Blueprint Designer
Blueprint Designer
Blueprint Designer
New Feature
Target record conditions
Renaming blueprint elements
Blueprint Export
Conditional Field conditions
Define "Data Consumers"
New "Deviation Trend" reports
New "Audit Duration" reports
Data clean up routines
New target record condition added to links to further specify what a target record should look like. For example, "Business Application owner should be an active User record" can be defined as target record condition and audit will give clear results on whether target records match with a given condition or not.
Blueprint designers can rename containers to better match with intended use on a blueprint. For example, a Business Application table with "Business criticality = High" filter could be renamed as "Critical Business Applications". Or a group of alternative links can be called "Infrastructure CI relationships" instead of a default name based on source class.
A blueprint version with all its details can be exported into a single XML file and imported into another instance. Export doesn't include blueprint elements which are regenerated when blueprint is being published.
Our customers fell in love with the "Conditional links", so we implemented similar logic to Field conditions. Now you can define a condition when the field condition should apply. For example: "Serial number is not empty - applied only when - Is virtual is false".
Blueprints can also define "Data Consumers" in a similar way as defining "Data Providers". This feature is released as a "beta version" and must be activated separately. Contact DCM support, if you want to know more.
New report and interactive filters added to "My Data Domains" audit dashboard tab. This interactive trend report can be used to show for example how certain types of deviations have changed over time.
Audit instance and Audit result records now have a duration field that has been used to create a few reports to show long-lasting audits. These new reports are not on any default dashboard yet, but can be found from the reports list.
The application now comes with predefined table data cleanup routines that system administrators can easily enable and adjust according to instance setup. These"Auto flush" records are not active by default, but can be found under Guided Setup or Basic Setup.


Blueprint Designer
Blueprint Designer
Blueprint Designer
Blueprint Designer
Data Content Planner
Data Content Planner
Data Content Planner
Relabeled "Mandatory filter conditions" to "Inclusive filters"
Easier way to define Cohesive links
More dynamic Field conditions
Empty options to Data Provider config
Visual enhancements to match with advanced blueprint designs
Record list in alphabetical order
More checks included into Data Population Preview
Reopening UAMs will reopen related tasks
New experimental reports
Performance and stability improvements
Updated audit messages
Disable Start button after starting an on-demand audit
Improvements to Audit Results view
Audit duration
Fixed font sizes
Minor updates to demo data
With the new "target record condition" we can do similar things as with mandatory filter conditions before that. Now, the role of these mandatory filters is more about restricting the audit to only consider certain records while ignoring the rest.
Cohesive links are now defined in the same way as Alternative links. Simply picking links from a list instead of modifying them one-by-one.
Now a condition related to a single field can have a condition including multiple fields in it. With this addition, we also updated how Field Setups are being defined and started to support OR-conditions as part of the setup.
Selection list now includes an empty value to clear out previously selected fields for data provider config.
Data Content Planner has better visual support for different blueprint configs than before.
Record list is now in alphabetical order by default.
Preview now checks more blueprint conditions than before. For example validations against Field Setups, is now part of the preview.
If a DCM Task was closed, but related Unique Audit Messages got reopened by a later audit, the task is reopened into "Open" status.
A few experimental reports were added to the product, but not yet included in any of the dashboards.
Multiple enhancements related to audit logic and how the work is split into smaller, independent evaluators. These enhancements also include more control for customers to fine-tune audit performance with a couple of system properties.
Few updates to audit messages including "condition strings". All audit messages are currently under review and the next version will include updated audit message structures and human-readable texts.
Previously user could click the Start button multiple times by accident while waiting for the screen to respond.
Performance-related improvements to Audit Results and Audit Messages views.
Audit duration is now calculated into Audit instance and Audit result records for analyzing audit performance.
Fixed font sizes are now used in few places around the DCM UI, since customer changes to default themes might have caused issues in DCM UI.
Minor updates to demo data.

Bug Fixes

Blueprint Designer
Blueprint Designer
Blueprint Designer
Blueprint Designer
Data Content Planner
Data Content Planner
Bug Fix
Delete button on blueprint version didn't do anything
Source and Target container perspective issues
Provider field label issue
CI Relationship Type selection
Field Setup modal window did not open from the icon
Bug in creating new root records
Fixed interactive filters
Issues when auditing references
UI action on the blueprint version form did not do anything.
Audit direction and reference direction messed up sometimes when trying to define a reference-based link between the same two tables.
Blueprint Designer was picking up a wrong field label in Data Provider Config, if parent table (root) had a different label than the table included into the blueprint.
Sometimes, the Relationship Type selection field was not visible when editing a many-to-many type of link.
Field Setup/Conditions window did not open in DCP from the Field setup icon, but now it does.
In some cases, creating a new root record with the Content Planner could not commit changes.
Removed some "Interactive Filter References" that were causing issues with database views.
Certain types of reference links could cause issues in audit, but should not do that anymore.

All previous release notes are available at DCM Learning Center.

Mikko Juola

Mikko Juola

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