ServiceNow Store Event – Data Content Manager Introduction Webinar

We had our first DCM webinar together with ServiceNow on February 12th 2019 and here’s a link to the on-demand version of the session: Webinar recording.

The recording takes roughly 45 minutes and you can share the link with your colleagues also 😉

Here’s an introduction to the webinar.

Model, manage and audit your service data with Data Content Manager application

Digital ecosystems are dependent on reliable and consistent business data. Daily operational activities such as service automation, reporting, auto-assignments, approvals, invoicing, root cause & impact analysis (CMDB), they all require consistent and up-to-date service data.

The Data Content Manager (DCM) is a visual and intuitive tool that covers the entire data management process seamlessly and end-to-end, from data diagrams planning to data audits & validation. It significantly reduces the efforts needed for service data management and improves communication between the various stakeholders in service production value chain.

In this webinar JustinLabs’ Product Manager Mikko Juola will give you an introduction and demo of the DCM application. In the demo part, Mikko will show you:

  • How to create data models (blueprints) on top of ServiceNow tables and dictionary
  • How to audit existing data against visual blueprints
  • How to fix any deviations easily on top of the blueprints

On our YouTube Channel there is also an “engineer’s cut” available including only the product demo (~20 minutes).


Mikko Juola

Chief Product Officer at Qualdatrix


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Get Started with Data Content Manager!

We are confident that after the Free Trial you will want to continue with DCM. However, if, for whatever reason, you are not convinced DCM will by far bring more value than it costs, you simply stop using it when the Free Trial ends. There are no strings attached!

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