We released the latest version 4.5 of Data Content Manager on the last day of 2020. It is a minor release focusing on usability enhancements, new dashboards, and adding an ability to set the sys_domain value for DCM Tasks.

With these new Dashboards, you can significantly improve your insights into data quality and get more focused reporting for stakeholders. For example, a domain owner can view audit results specific to his domains, giving him a very focused view of his or her area of responsibility.

There’s now the ability to set sys_domain values for DCM Tasks to control task visibility under different domains better.

There are also multiple usability enhancements related to scheduled audits and other tool areas.

The full release notes are available in the DCM Learning Center.

Please take a look at the quick summary video we created to walk through the updates!

DCM 4.5 Summary

Mikko Juola

Mikko Juola

Chied Product Officer at Qualdatrix


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