The DCM version 5.5 was released in early April 2023. This release includes a lot of improvements to the Audit engine and several smaller enhancements to Blueprint Designer, Content Planner, Task creation, and reporting.

This release also makes DCM certified against the ServiceNow Utah release.

Please note! This version includes changes to how the audit works and this can impact your current data compliance reporting.

Here are some of the release highlights:

  • New “Dynamic Form Generator”
  • Field Descriptions as part of Field Setups
  • Task descriptions based on dynamic templates
  • Audit Performance Dashboard (beta) updated with execution time metrics
  • New “Data Management Summary (beta)” dashboard as an example of a management reporting view

    In addition to the above, the following minor enhancements are also worth mentioning:

    • Changed how “Target Record Conditions” are audited and reported against the source record
    • Added record counts to Blueprint Designer
    • New metric data collected (and reported)
    • Renewed all standard dashboards

    You can find more information on these and other improvements from the full release notes.

    Mikko Juola

    Mikko Juola

    Chied Product Officer at Qualdatrix


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