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What is CSDM?

The Common Service Data Model (CSDM) is the ServiceNow framework and prescriptive guidance for building out your Configuration Management Database (CMDB). CSDM identifies where to place service and application-related data within the CMDB.

CSDM is not an application or code you can install, nor is it a set of reports or a one-size-fits all guide. It is a framework and to implement it you need to adapt it into your environment and data models.

The is no need to purchase new modules or licenses to be able to use CSDM. ServiceNow will provide all CSDM-related objectives and CMDB core tables as part of the out-of-the-box CMDB, regardless of licensing.

Why Implement CSDM?

Current and future products from ServiceNow that use CMDB may require data prescribed by CSDM. In fact, ServiceNow quite clearly states that ServiceNow products are dependent on this data model.

Implementing CSDM will ensure easier upgrades and the ability to take advantage of new ServiceNow products. Furthermore, adherence to CSDM will also provide more accurate reporting and less overhead when maintaining services.

If implemented well, CSDM can be a major step in aligning IT and business strategy and lifting the maturity level of your Service Management operations. Overall, implementing CSDM will improve your Return on Investment to the ServiceNow platform.

How to Implement CSDM


ServiceNow recommends CSDM to be implemented in 4 stages: Crawl, Walk, Run and Fly. In each of these stages more elements are added to the data model.

In all the CSDM implementation stages it is important to enforce real life data alignment with the planned and agreed upon data models. If plans and actual data are not aligned, CSDM implementation is bound to fail, or at least become significantly more difficult.

To ensure data is aligned, Data-Audits are needed and this is where Data Content Manager helps.

CSDM 3.0 Webinar Series

In the second half of 2020, we presented a series of Webinars around CSDM 3.0 together with ServiceNow. We had the pleasure to co-host the series with Mark Bodman, Senior Product Manager for CSDM at ServiceNow. Mark explained CSDM 3.0 from ServiceNow’s point of view and Mikko Juola, Product Manager for DCM at Qualdatrix, gave concrete examples of how Data Content Manager can be used to accelerate CSDM Implementation and ensure quick results.

Read more about some of the learnings here. So far over 1000 people have registered. The entire series is available online – please feel free to view at your convenience!


CSDM 3.0 - Crawling with DCM

Presented on September 22, 2020. Click to View On-Demand!

Giraffes Walking

CSDM 3.0 - Walk & Run with DCM

Presented on October 13, 2020. Click to View On-Demand!

Hawk Flying

CSDM 3.0 - Flying with DCM

Presented on November 3rd, 2020. Click to View On-Demand.

Implement CSDM with DCM for Quick Results


Data Content Manager is the best tool available that can help you to ensure that you follow the CSDM or any other data model within your ServiceNow instance. With Data Content Manager, CSDM implementation can be accelerated considerably leading to quick and tangible results, and consequently cost savings and improved ROI.

1. Request a Free 1 month Trial

The Free Trial is fully functional and the only limitation is that it cannot be deployed into a production instance.

2. Get the Free CSDM Content Pack.

The Content Pack includes ready-made Blueprint Templates and Dashboards for CSDM.

…Once both are installed…

3. Select & Adjust a CSDM Blueprint Template

Choose one of the templates available in the CSDM Content Pack and adjust it to fit your organization’s needs.  Publish your Blueprint to be able to Audit it.

4. Run an Audit and Create Remediation Tasks

Run an audit against the Blueprint you published in the previous step. The Audit will report deviations and you can see exactly where the biggest issues are and what to do about them.

5. Turn CSDM Data Management into a Systematic Process

Use Data Content Manager to turn your CSDM Data Management acitivities into a systematic process. When your data is always in good shape, you can avoid the tedious clean up projects that are typically launched when the situation becomes intolerable.

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