CSDM – The Recipe for Success eBook

Aligning with the Common Service Data Model is essential to get the most out of your ServiceNow – now and in the future. Data Content Manager has helped many organizations align with CSDM and improve their data quality. We see them struggle with the same issues repeatedly.

We wrote this eBook to share guidance on some of the most important things you must address on your CSDM Journey, regardless of your maturity level: Establishing Ownership and Roles, Managing Your Scope, and Choosing the Right Tools.

CSDM The Recipe for Success eBook

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Why CSDM is Important

for Your ServiceNow Investment

By aligning your organization with the CSDM, you can effectively navigate your digital transformation journey, get the most out of your ServiceNow investments, and reap maximum benefits from your service management initiatives.

Some of the key reasons to take on the journey include:


Integration and Collaboration

Uniformly structured shared data enhances interoperability and facilitates collaboration between various teams and applications.

Icon Quality

Data Quality

Aligning with the CSDM means improved data quality. High-quality data is the backbone of effective decision-making, accurate reporting, and insightful analytics.

Icon Risk Mitigation

Risk Mitigation

Consistent and standardized data reduces errors and risks. It also supports regulatory compliance and governance by offering a transparent model for data management.

Measure & Automate

Efficiency and Automation

Aligning with CSDM simplifies designing, testing, and launching new services and applications. It makes automation possible and decreases the time spent on manual data reconciliation.

Icon Standardization


CSDM provides a unified framework that standardizes the organization and management of your data in ServiceNow and helps stakeholders speak the same language.

Icon Business Value

Business Value

CSDM can help create a comprehensive, accurate, and detailed view of services, applications, and infrastructure. This facilitates informed decision-making and understanding of the value delivered to the business.

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