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How to Get Started with CSDM in 5 Steps

A CSDM Journey is difficult to begin if you do not have a simple model for implementation. Here is the 5 Step Model to get started with CSDM, and how DCM supports it.

How to Make CMDB Data Quality Personal

Making CMDB data quality a personal matter that an individual can affect with their own actions can make a world of difference for data quality.

How CMDB Supports Regulatory Compliance at Danske Bank

The increase in data transparency and ease of data management to maintain regulatory compliance was the primary driver for DCM at Danske Bank.

5 Steps to Get Business Applications Under Control

Business Applications is one of the most important CIs in your CMDB and one of the most logical places to start your CSDM alignment. So how do you get them under control?

Are You Sure Your Business Application Owners are Still There?

People change roles, leave for other jobs, or retirement. This can often leave your CMDB incomplete, and Business Applications without active owners. See how to tackle the problem.

Does Bad ITSM Data Make for Bad Experiences and Bad Bots?

Does Bad ITSM Data Make for Bad Experiences and Bad Bots?

Most businesses, globally, are currently caught in a perfect storm of challenges and opportunities related to digital transformation, customer experience (CX) improvement, and exploiting emerging technologies ? in particular artificial intelligence (AI) and smart automation.

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Defining Data Ownership

Defining Data Ownership

In one of the previous posts we briefly described “5 steps for better data quality” and in this article I’m going to dig in to the second step “Secure ownership” in more detail.

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