Improve Hardware Asset Data Quality

Do You Trust Your Asset Data?

Are you leaving money on the table?

Hardware Asset Management is all about optimizing and estimating the cost of assets and getting the best possible utilization for the assets at hand.

Success depends on reliable reporting; reporting can only be as good as the underlying data. Are you leaving money on the table due to incorrect billing or missing contracts? Are your internal cost allocations inaccurate?

If you cannot trust your asset data and your reports generated, you should ask yourself what your tolerance for errors is and how much it costs your organization.

With Data Content Manager, you can quickly locate problems in your Asset Data and fix them before they turn into expensive outcomes.

Hardware Asset Management

Improve Asset Data Quality

With Data Content Manager

Automated discovery of assets can only populate a part of the required details for successful asset management. Data Content Manager helps you maintain the rest.


Blueprint Designer

Set Requirements

Set requirements for your asset data within ServiceNow itself. Your requirements and reality are in one place.


Audit Engine

Audit Asset Data

Audit your data against your requirements to find gaps in your data and deviations from your required data model.


Content Planner

Fix Visually

Fix the issues audits find with the Blueprints you defined – with visual tools even people who don’t understand ServiceNow can use.

Measure & Automate


Track & Automate

Automatically get dashboards, trends, and KPIs that cater to the needs of both data providers and leadership.

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