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Can You Trust Your Asset Data?

Hardware Asset Management is all about optimizing and estimating the cost of assets , and getting the best possible utilization for the assets at hand.

Success is dependent on reliable reporting, and reporting can only be as good as the underlying data.

If you cannot trust your asset data and the reports generated from it, you should be asking yourself what your tolerance for error is, and how much does it cost your organization.

With Data Content Manager, problems in Asset Data can be found and fixed before they turn into expensive outcomes.

Broken Links in Asset Management

Data Content Manager Improves Asset Data Quality

Automated discovery of assets can only populate a part of the required details for successful asset management. Data Content Manager helps you maintain the rest.

With Data Content Manager:

  • You define requirements for your asset data within ServiceNow itself. Your design and reality are in one place.
  • You then Audit your real data against the requirements and find deviations with your data or data models.
  • Problems are found quickly and are easily prioritized and fixed.
  • Results can be had in a matter of hours, not days.

DCM brings reliability to your Asset Management. You can reduce you margin of error and know your Asset Management runs on a reliable foundation.

With valuable assets in question, it should be easy to calculate the monetary value of trustworthy data.

    Data Content Manager turns your asset data quality management into a systematic and measurable activity.

    You can find and fix your problems before they cause expensive outcomes.


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