We are Qualdatrix!


Qualdatrix is a word that does not exist. We invented it to reflect the core attributes of our product, Data Content Manager:

Quality, Data, Metrics.



Built On Now

Data Content ManagerĀ  has been developed for nearly half a decade. In the beginning of 2021 the DCM business, and the team running it began a life of their own in Qualdatrix.

The Qualdatrix Management Team is a very experienced one and now completely focused on making Data Content Manager the best tool on the market to design and enforce data models on ServiceNow.


Pekka Korpi


Mikko Juola CPO


Arjun Basnet Head of Development

Our Mailing Address

Qualdatrix Ltd.

Bertel Jungin aukio 5, 6th floor
02600 Espoo, Finland

Email: [email protected]


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