Improve Data Quality in ServiceNow®

Improve your CMDB, Accelerate your CSDM implementation, make your reports more reliable or dramatically improve your Incident Management throughput. Data Quality and compliance with agreed Data Models are key to unlocking the full potential of your ServiceNow platform.

Data Content Manager takes your Data Quality initiatives from expensive, reactive firefighting projects to a measurable, systematic process.

Built On Now

Digital Ecosystems are Dependent on Reliable and Consistent Data

Operational business activities require correctly defined and up-to-date data. Without it, activities such as auto assignments, root cause & impact analysis, service automation, approvals and reporting are prone to failure. Yet, planned data models and real-life data do not often match.

Data models are seldom realized in real life since they’re typically designed outside, and implemented inside the platform. Human error and complexity of systems causes data degradation over time. Bad Data leads to expensive problems.

The Rule of 10: “It costs 10 times as much to complete a unit of work when the input data are defective as it does when they are perfect.”

– Thomas C. Redman

Without active maintenance, data will degradate over time. As a result, credible sources suggest that due to bad data 85% of CMDB projects fail (Forbes), 70% of Digital Transformation Projects fail (McKinsey), and 50% of Knowledge workers’ time is wasted (Harvard Business Review).


Our customers are ServiceNow platform users across industries and geographies. The common denominator is that they want to unlock the full potential of the platform and maximize the return on their investment into it.


Data Content Manager

Data Content Manager solves a variety of problems with bad data in the ServiceNow platform and can turn data management from a stream of firefighting projects into a systematic, measurable process.

While ServiceNow has features out-of-the-box that address data issues, the OOB tools are usually point solutions. They are often not very flexible and their usage can vary substantially from case to case.

Data Content Manager is a visual tool which works in the same manner on any data and any use case on the platform. Essentially, it is one comprehensive solution for Data Quality Management on the platform.

With Data Content Manager, you can have actionable results in a matter of hours – not days or weeks.


Typical use cases for Data Content Manager include:

Overall, DCM helps you unlock the full potential of your ServiceNow platform to maximize the return on your investment.

Data Content Manager is a ServiceNow Certified Built on Now application that runs on the ServiceNow platform.

ServiceNow Certified App

See How it Works

1. Design Blueprints

Design Blueprints which are fully editable, visual representations of your data models on ServiceNow. Design from scratch or get a quick start with our Free Content Packs.

2. Audit Your Data

Run automated Audits with real data against your Blueprints. The Audits will give you precise results about your compliance against your Data Models.

3. Fix Deviations

Use DCM to fix devations found by audits. The visual tools enable even novice users to fix data while ensuring your data models are being followed.

4. Measure & Automate

Measure and automate your Data Quality Management with DCM. Set KPI’s and track progress. Get actionable results in a matter of hours, not days or weeks

What People Say

The DCM Application is ahead of its time!
David Loo

CEO, Perspectium

Very useful and user-friendly tool for CMDB data health checks and corrections. Highly recommended!
Juho Kuoppala

IT Manager, Valio

We knew our data was bad but only with DCM did we see how bad, and what to do to resolve the situation.

Process Manager

Large Logistics Company

Extremely useful tool if you’re implementing CMDB or being responsible for the data in your CMDB. User-friendly approach and professional look & feel. Highly recommended.
Service Management Expert

Large, International MSP

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Free CSDM Content Pack

The Free Content Pack Includes ready to use CSDM Blueprints and Dashboards to get you off to a quick start.

Free PDMC Content Pack

Fast-track your scope definition and responsibilities. Includes pre-defined templates to get started with CMDB data models.

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