Data Content Manager

DCM is a visual tool that makes it possible to Plan, Audit and Remediate Data issues in your ServiceNow instance. It can be used to enforce any Data Model, including the Common Service Data Model. It will improve the Quality of your Data, lower your costs and increase your Return on Investment to the ServiceNow platform.

DCM runs on ServiceNow and is available in the ServiceNow Store.

ServiceNow Certified App

Digital Ecosystems are Dependent on Reliable and Consistent Data.

Daily operational activities require correctly defined and up-to-date service data. Without it, activities such as auto assignments, root cause & impact analysis, service automation, approvals and reporting are prone to failure.

Despite the importance of of correctly defined, quality data, few organizations can confidently say that their CMDB is entirely up to date. Even fewer can boast they are compliant with industry standards such as the Common Service Data Model.

Without active maintenance, data will degrade over time, and Bad Data causes very expensive problems.


CMDB Projects Fail


Digital Transformation Initiatives Fail


Knowledge workers’ wasted time is due to bad data

Sources: 1) Forbes, 2) Wall Street Journal, 3) Harvard Business Review

Data Content Manager

Data Content Manager enables you to enforce ANY data model in your ServiceNow instance. It is used to Plan your Data Models and then Audit your data against them. You will quickly see where your problems are and you’re able to assign remediation tasks to resolve them. All with a intuitive, visual tool.

Traditional data modelling tools are good for data diagramming. However, they lack actionable functionalities to plan, create, validate and update actual business data in the database against agreed data models. This is where Data Content Manager differs from other options.

As a simple, visual tool DCM significantly reduces the amount of work needed for service data management and trims down wasted time caused by bad data. It is the best tool available to effectively help you enforce, for example, the Common Service Data Model.

DCM is a ServiceNow certified app, available in the ServiceNow Store. It boosts the return on investment into the ServiceNow platform.

ServiceNow Certified App


With DCM, ServiceNow users can define which data tables should be used, how they relate to each other and what other requirements should be set for a record. This is done in a visual data modelling tool called Blueprint Designer.

Based on the Blueprints, DCM audits existing data against the blueprints and gives “compliance scores” and detailed audit results for deviations to the data model.

DCM also includes capabilities for maintaining complex data sets on top of the visual data models and automatically creates remediation tasks to assign corrective actions to the responsible people. 

DCM icons with arrow
Blueprint Designer

Blueprint Designer

Information architects or system administrators can create and maintain datamodel diagrams on ServiceNow.
Data Content Planner

Data Content Planner

Data analysts can manage data content by making use of blueprints. The selected blueprint guides the user through the content creation process.
Data Audit

Data Audit

A powerful tool for continuous improvement which compares current data content against the blueprint’s rules & conditions, and reports any deviations.

Remediation Workspace

Automatic task creation based on audit results assigned to responsible persons for fixing the identified deviations.

Enforce any Data Model with DCM

DCM can be used to enforce any data model within a ServiceNow instance. Basically all out-of-the-box (and custom) functionalities and capabilities require that certain data structures are being followed. Below are some examples on how and where DCM is being used:

Common Service Data Model

Being compliant with the new Common Service Data Model unlocks multiple ServiceNow capabilities utilizing the out-of-the-box tables and functionalities.

Configuration Management

Do you have a plan for your CMDB? DCM can help to enforce that plan when it comes to agreed data models. You simply cannot and should not use all 800+ CI Classes available in a ServiceNow instance.

Foundation Data

Problems with reports, auto-assignments, workflows or other automations? Ensure that every user record is connected to proper organizational structures and location hierarchy to support your reporting and automation.

Invoicing Data

Losing money due to uninvoiced assets or activities? Use DCM to ensure everything is connected to the services and customers using the services for more reliable and complete invoicing.

Service Portfolio

Are you able to connect all activities and assets to your services? Describing services according to an agreed model and making sure that everything is connected to services is crucial to service management.

Hardware Asset Management

Being able to link assets to procurement and financial processes and having the required attributes and relationships in place ensures that your valuable assets can be managed in different lifecycle states.

Software Asset Management

SAM can bring enormous savings in optimizing license usage and minimizing the risk of malware entering into your environment, but only when all required data is in place and following the data models required for license calculations, entitlements, and approved software models.

Incident Management

The life of a service desk agent can be very fulfilling and fun when all the required information is readily available. Knowing your customers, services, and related details will enable automation and speed up the incident management dramatically compared to working with invalid or missing information on tickets.

What is Said About DCM


JustinLabs is ahead of it’s time with their DCM application!
David Loo

CEO, Perspectium

Extremely useful tool if you’re implementing CMDB or being responsible for the data in your CMDB. User-friendly approach and professional look & feel. Highly recommended.
Service Management Expert

Large, International MSP

We knew our data was bad but only with DCM did we see how bad, and what to do to resolve the situation.

Process Manager

Logistics Company


Get Started with Data Content Manager!

We are confident that after the Free Trial you will want to continue with DCM. However, if, for whatever reason, you are not convinced DCM will by far bring more value than it costs, you simply stop using it when the Free Trial ends. There are no strings attached!

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